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Hybrid Series intimacy ...

Warmth, Response and Punch in a charmingly small package! The Shorty combines RainSong's smallest and most refined body shape, a unidirectional soundboard, hybrid body construction and a short scale 12-fret neck to create a sweet musical experience.

The 12-fret neck implies a bridge location closer to the center of the soundboard lower bout improving sonic energy transfer from the strings to the soundboard. The unidirectional carbon soundboard, first introduced on the Concert Series, mimics the tight grain of a fine Spruce top in more ways than one. The Hybrid body blends the crystalline highs of carbon with the mellow tones of glass.  Shorty's unique combination of 12-fret neck, unidirectional soundboard, Hybrid body and OM shape mean an intimate instrument with a warm tone and incredible response.