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In Perfect Harmony

RainSong Guitars is built upon one simple goal; to craft exquisite instruments. It's the way we go about it that separates us from the rest. Pioneering the use of alternative materials in guitar making, we've always had one eye on the future of our art form. But it's our commitment to tradition that perfects our instruments.


RainSong Guitars: Born in the Tropics

The story begins one rainy afternoon on the island of Maui. Plasma physicist Dr. John Decker was attending an outdoor wedding when a tropical shower threatened to drench the party, including the solo guitarist.


A classical guitarist himself, John felt the player's dilemma: Should he run for cover and risk the wrath of the bride's family or play in the rain and ruin his guitar?

If only there was a guitar that would play beautifully while enduring life's summers and winters, bumps and bruises, and even the occasional downpour, from the tropics to the poles. John knew he could make one, and that's exactly what he did.


The resulting instrument was the world's first all-graphite acoustic guitar. And it was the first major advance in guitar making since the Italian masters perfected the wood instrument nearly 400 years ago.

After 400 years, a rainstorm in Maui was all it took to change the guitar world. That was the moment RainSong was born.




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