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Al Petteway Special Edition


"I think this guitar has the perfect combination of features whether you are a professional performing guitarist or just someone who loves playing guitar. There is no better quality guitar available in this price range. 


Thank you RainSong for making my life so much easier."


Al Petteway

A Grammy Award winning recording artist and performer, Al Petteway has played nearly every type of popular, folk and classical music.  His accolades include being voted one of the Top Fifty Acoustic Guitarists of all Time, and his CD "Caledon Wood" was voted one of the "Essential Albums of the Past Twenty Years" by Acoustic Guitar Magazine.  


12-fret Design

"I like 12-fret necks for a number of reasons. Moving the neck forward by two frets gives the guitar a bit more sweetness and warmth. And I find it easier to play since I don't have to extend my left arm away from my body as far to get to the lowest frets."

"The unidirectional top produces a clarity that is truly spectacular. It seems to vibrate more like a wood top, resulting in a bit more of a natural response. This combination has never been available in this size guitar before and I am very excited about it."


LR Baggs Electronics

"The onboard LR Baggs Stage Pro Anthem system is a perfect match for this guitar. The built-in microphone and pickup combination can be blended to get just the right amount of each in the mix. All in all, the combination is hard to beat." 

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