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Classic to progressive, compact to jumbo, nuanced to incredibly powerful, our five RainSong body styles cover it all.



One of the Loudest Acoustics on the Planet

Being the largest guitar RainSong builds, combined with Projection Tuned Layering™, the JM is one of the loudest acoustic guitars on the planet. But not just about power, this instrument is also sonically balanced, with a warm, clear voice.

One of the Loudest Acoustics on the Planet


Compact, Mid-forward, and Full of Soul

The PA combines the traditional parlor shape with a modern Venetian cutaway for a perfectly proportioned, intimate playing experience. It also sings with a rich, full sound much larger than its compact dimensions indicate.


The Working Guitarist's RainSong

Combining the best physical and tonal qualities of large and small-bodied guitars, the WS is ideally suited for a variety of musical situations.


Bold, Clear, and a True Classic

The DR has the powerful bass and ringing treble of the most legendary dreadnoughts. And it maintains a wonderfully balanced sound and sonic power that can always be heard.


The Perfect Balance

The OM is defined by its comfort and intimacy and it's easily one of our most expressive instruments. A favorite of the coffee house crowd, it delivers nuance through crystal bell clarity, balance, superb note separation, and an expansive dynamic range.

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