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Basic care tips to keep your RainSong in like-new condition.



Truss Rod & Action

Truss Rod: RainSong necks, made entirely out of composite materials, should not warp or bow over time. However, our N2 necks have a headstock-accessible truss rod for fine-tuning neck relief to your preference. Adjustments may be made using a 5 mm wrench.

Action: Your RainSong is set up with factory standard action. The action may be altered by having a qualified technician adjust the saddle height.*


*Note: Any playability problems such as string buzz caused by altering the saddle height is not covered by the warranty.


It is best to clean your RainSong after every use. We recommend using a soft, all-cotton cloth and a high-grade, non-abrasive automotive detailing product. We recommend Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Final Inspection 34. 


Stringing & Gauges

Change strings one at a time. This will prevent the under-saddle piezo pickup from repositioning.


6-string models: 

Elixir Nanoweb #11052 Light

012 / .016 / .024 / .032 / .042 / .053


12-string models: 

Elixir Nanoweb #11152 12-String Light
010 / .010 / .014 / .014 / .023 / .009.030 / .012 / .039 / .018 / .047 / .027


Nylon stringed models: 

D'Addario Pro Arte #EJ44 Extra Hard Tension
0290 / .0333 / .0416 / .030 / .036 / .045

Fret Work

Your RainSong utilizes traditional fretting processes and materials. We utilize jumbo, nickel alloy frets that have been pressed into fret-slots on the fingerboard. Fretwork and maintenance* is the same as a traditional wood acoustic guitar.

*All fretwork should be performed by a qualified guitar tech.

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