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Caring for your RainSong guitar

Congratulations and welcome to RainSong!

String Gauges

Your RainSong comes equipped with top quality Elixir Nanoweb strings. The guitar design has been optimized for these string gauges.

Most 6-string models use the following string gauges:  
Elixir #11052 Light Acoustic Guitar Strings.
012 / .016 / .024 / .032 / .042 / .053 Smokey models use the following string gauges:
DR #BKA-12 Black Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings.
012 / .016 / .024 / .032 / .042 / .054The 12-string models use the following string gauges:  
Elixir #11152 12 String Light Acoustic Guitar Strings.
010 / .010 / .014 / .014 / .023 / .009.030 / .012 / .039 / .018 / .047 / .027 Nylon stringed models use the following string gauges:
D'Addario Pro Arte #EJ44 Extra Hard tension Nylon Core Strings.
0290 / .0333 / .0416 / .030 / .036 / .045

Changing Strings

When changing strings, change one string at a time. This will prevent the piezoelectric transducer (located under the saddle) from repositioning, which will affect the sound balance from string to string.


Your RainSong has been setup to a factory standard action. The action may be altered by changing the saddle height. Please note that any playability problems such as string buzz caused by altering the saddle height is not covered by the warranty.

Truss Rod Adjustment

RainSong necks, made entirely out of composite materials, should not warp or bow over time. The original Classic Series neck does not have a truss rod. The N2 neck has a head-stock accessible truss rod to allow changes to the neck relief. Adjustments may be made using a 5 mm wrench.


Your RainSong has been setup using jumbo nickel alloy frets that have been pressed into fret-slots on the fingerboard. A qualified guitar technician should be able to refret your RainSong just like any wooden guitar.


RainSongs are impervious to humidity and temperature changes. They do not require humidifiers.


It is best to clean your RainSong after every use since your hands contain oils that can damage finish and frets. To clean your RainSong use a high grade, non-abrasive automotive detailing product such as Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Final Inspection 34 or Quik Detailer (, and a soft all-cotton cloth. Remember to inspect the rag to make sure nothing abrasive is on it.Other than that, your RainSong requires very little. Just make sure you play it and have fun!