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Custom Features & Options

Your custom-built production guitar

From multiple neck profiles to inlays and electronics, our wide range of free and affordable custom options ensure a RainSong carbon fiber guitar that's perfectly tailored to you.

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All of our production instruments are available with your choice of three unique neck profiles. Whether you prefer a faster, thinner feel or a rounder, more-traditional shape, it's available at no extra charge.

  • N1: 25.4" scale

  • N2: 25.4" scale, fuller feel in hand

  • NS: 12-fret construction, 24.9" scale



Do you want to give your RainSong a little extra pop onstage? Then check out our selection of stunning finishes.

  • High Gloss Clear ( also available with satin back and neck)

  • High Gloss Vintage Tint

  • Blue Hawaii Tint

  • Tobacco Burst (regular, satin, or gloss 3-tone)

  • Marine Burst

Soundhole & Rosette


Like our fretboard inlays, we offer our rosettes in both jaw-dropping abalone and a classic pin-stripe pattern.

You can also take your RainSong to the next level with our offset soundhole. (not available on all models)

Left-handed Construction

Image by Malin K.

We offer every one of our JM and DR models in a left-handed configuration.

12-String Construction


Nearly every RainSong body style and series is available in our popular 12-string configuration. You won't find a 12-string with better tuning stability anywhere in the world. 

stagepro-anthem-masked-hi (1).png

We've teamed with LR Baggs and K&K Sound to outfit your new RainSong with some of the finest electronics in the industry. 

  • LR Baggs Stagepro Anthem 

  • LR Baggs Stagepro Element

  • K&K Sound Pure Mini

You can also get your RainSong with no electronics, letting you install your favorite after-market option or enjoy the natural tone of carbon fiber.



RainSong is famous for our beautiful abalone shark fretboard inlays. But we also offer traditional dots or no inlays at all for a sleek, straightforward character.

12-fret & 14-fret Construction

12-fret acoustic guitar rainsong om.jpg

14-fret, 25.4" scale acoustics are the RainSong standard. And for good reason. But there's something magic about our shorter-scale, 12-fret acoustic guitars. This vintage-style appointment offers a slinkier feel and a warm, mellow tone that should be in every guitarist's collection. 

Tuning Machines


Choose between chrome and black tuners in either 18:1 or 21:1 ratios for even more tuning stability and precision.

Head to the Custom Shop for more.

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