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Experience our Custom Shop's finest work while owning a beautiful piece of RainSong Guitars' history

One At A Time

Get yours before it's gone

The Limited Edition Series is a numbered series of custom instruments that uniquely blend our most popular body shapes, materials, and custom options. Each model is released one after the other and available for a limited, yet undetermined, amount of time.


Once we announce the next guitar in the series, the previous one disappears from our production line.


Black Ice

Making Limited Edition a 1-of-a-kind

Black Ice guitars are many of your favorites for a good reason. The carbon fiber weave soundboards are a sight to behold. They draw as much attention onstage as sitting on your knee at home. That weave pattern is also handmade and unique to every single guitar in the series, another one-of-a-kind characteristic of LE1.

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