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Choosing Your RainSong, Pt. 1: Understanding the Four Series

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

The carbon fiber guitar craze is really catching on. From acoustics to futuristic solid-bodies, there's more to choose from than ever. Finding the right one for your needs can be challenging. But if you ask around, you'll undoubtedly hear RainSong mentioned.

That's because we pioneered the whole thing. Our founder, Dr. John Decker, invented the carbon fiber acoustic guitar in the 1970s. We've been leaders in alternative material acoustic guitars ever since. And over the years, we’ve developed new designs and processes that demonstrate just how versatile carbon fiber is.

We’ve put all of that innovation into our four guitar series: Black Ice, Concert, Nashville, and Vintage. Here, we'll explain each of those series with the goal of giving you all of the information you need to select the perfect carbon fiber acoustic guitar of your own.

What all RainSongs have in common

Though each of our series are different, all RainSong acoustics share the same DNA. For instance, every guitar we make is made entirely of carbon fiber. A couple of the series add to that short material list, but the necks, bodies, tops, bridges, and fingerboards are nearly identical throughout the line.

Neck profiles are another similarity. We offer several different options for different players. (You can learn more about them here.) But each profile is available regardless of the series you choose.

So what's different?

RainSong Black Ice Series

The Black Ice series' unique carbon fiber tops and beautiful abalone appointments make a statement and are the most recognizable among the group. Each top displays a symphony of hand-laid carbon fiber sections. Each piece is placed at the discretion of the craftsperson, not to a premade design. Because of this, every single RainSong Black Ice guitar is 100% unique. There will never be any two exactly alike.

Sonically, Black Ice instruments have our purest carbon fiber voice. You can expect a piano-like tone with big bass, articulate midrange, and a glassy top. This tone makes the Black Ice series a favorite for a wide variety of guitar players.

RainSong Concert Series

The Concert series is all about subtle beauty. From the guitars' unassuming appearance to their inviting tones, they are the most elegant of the bunch. Instead of the Black Ice series' commanding looks, the Concert series delivers a satiny, understated aesthetic. Still wholly made from carbon fiber, they let their tone define their beauty.

The Concert series also separates itself from our other series in their tops' Unidirectional Carbon Fiber. By positioning the material's "grain" in a single direction, vibration can transfer optimally throughout the instrument. You get a warmer, mellow sound that enhances the detail of your playing. This proprietary design element is essential to capturing the series' almost wood-like voice and nuance.

RainSong Nashville & Vintage Series

Though carbon fiber guitars are exploding in popularity, many guitarists will always prefer the aesthetics of a tried-and-true spruce-topped acoustic. And they absolutely should! Traditional wooden acoustic guitars have been around forever and are some of the most amazing-sounding instruments. But what if we said you could have the benefits of both?

Enter the RainSong Nashville and Vintage series.

Both of these series are still entirely carbon fiber. They still sing with its power and detail. They're still nearly indestructible to the elements. And they're famous for their rock-solid stability. But they're also both fitted with tops utilizing our proprietary Soundboard Fusion Technology (SFT).

SFT is our process of fusing carbon fiber with a thin soundboard of genuine spruce. The benefits are twofold. The spruce introduces a slightly warmer tonality, and whether you prefer the vintage-style burst of the Nashville or the traditional gloss of the Vintage line, these guitars look just like the wooden classics. Go ahead, hit a songwriter showcase in Nashville. Your RainSong will fit in with the spruce-topped instruments there. It is one, after all.

Specials, Limited Edition, & Custom Shop

While not officially part of our four series, we must mention our wide assortment of Custom Shop, limited edition, and special models. These include show stoppers like the 25YR, the APSE Al Petteway Signature Edition, 12-strings, Baritones, and incredibly rare runs straight from our Custom Shop.

Each of these instruments breaks new ground in our quest to create the ultimate carbon fiber acoustic guitar. Because of that, they can be vastly different from one another in look, materials, feel, and tone. But one thing they do have in common is that they're still carbon fiber from headstock to lower bout.

We hold tightly to our legacy of carbon fiber acoustic guitars, so all of our instruments have a lot in common. We wouldn't have it any other way. But it's through our innovations in the material that our four series shine. No matter the style, look, or tone you're chasing, one of the four series is perfect for the job.

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