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Getting Your Own RainSong Custom Shop Acoustic Guitar

It's Way Easier and More Affordable Than You Think

Two custom carbon fiber acoustic guitars

If you follow us on social media, you know we're now offering our extremely rare Limited Edition #1 with your choice of neck designs. Want something slimmer and faster? Go N1. Prefer a fuller, vintage feel? The N2 is for you. Either one is available at no extra charge.

But did you know those necks, and many other customizable options, are also available on nearly every guitar we make?

The RainSong Custom Shop runs much differently than most custom acoustic guitar makers. Yes, we can make stunning one-offs dreamed up by our customers. But, thanks to our unique building process, we also offer a long list of options to tailor our production models to your preferences. There's a lot to choose from, from neck profiles to pickups, finishes to inlays. Best of all, most of the options are FREE or affordable.

What is possible when you order your new RainSong carbon fiber acoustic guitar? Let's find out! We will review a few more popular options here and show you how easy it is to navigate the ordering process. Hopefully, you'll be dreaming up your own custom RainSong in no time.

How We Build Our Custom Acoustic Guitars

Customizing a traditional wooden acoustic guitar is a very involved process. Builders must select and work each piece of tonewood and material individually to create the whole. Carbon fiber is different. We create our instruments in highly specialized molds that ensure unmatched consistency and performance from every guitar. These molds make changes and customizations easier from the beginning of the process. We can pass that on to you in the form of more options at free and affordable prices.

Designing and Ordering Your Custom RainSong

Our building techniques also mean the ordering process is as streamlined and intuitive as possible. Here's how it's done.

  1. Visit our Custom Shop page and fill out the form giving us as much detail about our dream guitar as possible.

RainSong Custom Shop form

  1. Our sales staff will review your submission and get back to you to go over an estimate and offer any advice and information about the build.

  2. Once we've agreed, payment is made, and we get to work. It's that simple!

Need help to find an option you want? No problem. We can do some amazing things in the Custom Shop. Just let us know your thoughts when you fill out the form. We'll let you know if it's something we, unfortunately, don't offer.

Now let's get to the options!

Popular Customizable Options

Remember, these are just a few examples. Be sure to contact us directly if you want something not mentioned.

Acoustic Guitar Necks and Scale Length

We offer three distinct neck designs, which are available on all of our standard Black Ice, Concert, Nashville, and Vintage models.

Carbon fiber acoustic guitar headstock


The N1 neck resembles the necks on the original RainSongs built in Hawaii. They feature a slimmer profile many players love for its speed and comfort. The carbon fiber construction makes these necks extremely rigid, with no need for a truss rod. Guitars with the N1 are set up at the factory and ready to play flawlessly for a lifetime.


Many players prefer a neck profile with a vintage, rounded feel. Guitar superstar Steve Miller is one of them. He approached us, along with famed luthier John Bolin, to design a neck that felt like his favorite vintage acoustics. The resulting N2 is rounder and more substantial than the N1. It also features RainSong's first truss rods. The necks are still rock-solid, but the truss rods allow you to customize the guitars' neck relief to fit your playing style.


If you've ever encountered one of our "Shorty" or 12-fret acoustic guitars, you've seen our NS neck design. It shares the same profile and truss rod as our N2s but offers a different feel. Meeting the body at the 12th fret (instead of the N2's 14th fret), the NS neck has a shorter 24.9" scale length. It gives the guitars a warmer "vintage" tone while loosening the string tension for a slinkier feel.

Pickups, Preamps, and Electronics

RainSong LR Baggs Anthem pickup and preamp system

We offer a few different electronics packages from a couple of the best names in the business. From LR Baggs, you have your choice of their Element and Anthem pickup systems and our Stage Pro preamp systems for complete onboard control of your guitar tone. We also offer K&K Sound's legendary Pure Mini for players who prefer to process their tone with outboard gear.

On top of those options, you can always get your RainSong as a purely acoustic instrument. This is an excellent option for recording or when you have an after-market pickup in mind.

Every RainSong comes with one of the above options as standard. But, of course, we can set your guitar up with any of these three choices.


RainSong carbon fiber acoustic guitar

Carbon fiber makes for one beautiful guitar, so we finish many production instruments with a simple, durable clear coat. But there is a lot more we can do to give your custom acoustic a look of its own. We offer everything from our 3-tone Tobacco Sunburst found on our Nashville Series to our popular Marine Burst as regular options. Look at our In-stock Customs page, and you'll see even more than that. So don't be afraid to ask.

12-strings, Baritones, and More

On top of these customizable options, most of our acoustics are also available in a handful of other configurations.

12-string acoustic guitars

RainSong carbon fiber 12-string acoustic guitar

It's hard to beat a RainSong 12-string, and you can get all of our production models in that configuration. Whether you prefer a Vintage DR or Black Ice PA, it will be powerful, maintain its tuning better than any wooden 12-string acoustic, and sound like a piano.

RainSong carbon fiber baritone acoustic guitar

Baritone acoustic guitars

Newer to the RainSong family are our baritone acoustic-electric guitars. Baritone acoustics sound beautiful, with rich low end and punchy treble. Our carbon fiber construction adds another layer of magic to our baritone construction, and it's available on nearly every body shape and series we offer.

Nylon String acoustic guitars

RainSong carbon fiber nylon-string acoustic guitar

If you're a classical guitar player looking for a perfect travel guitar, you want one of our PA nylon-string options. Like a parlor in shape and size, they are incredibly comfortable, hold their tuning, and sing with a detailed, assertive, and focused tone.

Left Handed acoustic guitars

RainSong carbon fiber left-handed acoustic guitar

We didn't forget all of our left-handed RainSong family members. For you, we offer all of our DR (dreadnought) and JM (jumbo) models at no extra charge. Remember, that also means baritone versions are yours for the taking.

We are so happy to see so many of our friends and customers purchase one of our production models off the line and love it for a lifetime. But we also offer so much more and make it simple and affordable for you to try. We even have a page dedicated to Custom Shop guitars that are in stock and ready to ship.

But if you dream of something different, head to the Custom Shop page and fill out the form. Or you can email us at We can't wait to create something extraordinary for you.

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