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New for 2023: Unveiling the Updated & More Affordable RainSong Black Ice Series

RainSong WS Black Ice carbon fiber acoustic guitar

It turned some heads when we discontinued the original RainSong Black Ice Series. Many wondered how we could do away with one of our most iconic designs. But if the new Concert Series acoustic guitars have proven anything, the Black Ice wouldn't be gone long, and they'd come back better than ever. That's precisely what happened, and they're back at a new lower price!

Please welcome the brand new RainSong Black Ice Series of carbon fiber acoustic guitars. In this blog, we'll delve into the unique features of the new line, from their signature carbon fiber soundboards to the mesmerizing Black Burst finish and other upgrades.

One-of-a-kind Carbon Fiber Pattern and Tone

RainSong WS Black Ice carbon fiber acoustic guitar upper bout

RainSong has always been at the forefront of carbon fiber guitar construction, and the Black Ice Series is the flagship of the whole thing. Like every one of our guitars, we craft them entirely from carbon fiber, making them exceptionally durable and impervious to changes in humidity and temperature. But unlike any other acoustic guitar, the heart of the RainSong Black Ice Series is their hand-made, completely unique carbon fiber soundboards. Every section of the distinctive carbon fiber weave is hand-applied, ensuring no two are the same. It not only adds to the visual appeal of the guitars but also contributes to the instruments' signature tone. And, of course, our Projection Tuned Layering technique ensures every note is clear and well-balanced.

Black Burst Finish with Carbon Reveal Pinstriping Detail

RainSong WS Black Ice carbon fiber acoustic guitar carbon reveal pinstriping

The carbon fiber weave soundboards are terrific, but the V1s had that. What's new about the RainSong Black Ice Series? Plenty. First, you'll love the new Black Burst finish with its Carbon Reveal pinstriping. Like a perfectly executed vignette, the burst frames the carbon fiber weave and accentuates its 3-dimensional detail. As the black wraps from the top to the sides, it's interrupted by a sharp-looking carbon reveal pinstriping. An aesthetic touch often reserved for our Custom Shop guitars, it's the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to these guitars.

Satin-finished N1 or N2 Neck. Your Choice!

RainSong WS Black Ice carbon fiber acoustic guitar satin neck finish

Speaking of finish upgrades, the new Black Ice Series comes with our satin-finished necks. They ensure a smooth and effortless playing experience, even on hotter gigs where perspiration can cause your hand to catch on a glossier variant. You even get to choose which RainSong neck we put it on.

We know that guitarists have different preferences when it comes to neck profiles. Whether you prefer the hyper-rigid N1's slimmer feel or the fuller, vintage-feeling N2 neck with an adjustable truss rod, the Black Ice Series has you covered. So, whether you're playing intricate melodies out in the summer heat or strumming chords in a honky tonk, the Black Ice Series always feels just right. These are just a few more features from our quest to craft the perfect gigging, touring, and travel acoustic guitars.

LR Baggs Stagepro Element Pickup System

LR Baggs Stagepro Element Pickup System

In today's world of live performances and recording, having a reliable pickup system is essential, and the LR Baggs Stagepro Element pickup system is an industry standard for a reason: its rich, organic sound. We've written a lot about the Stagepro Element in the past. Still, it's an essential piece of what makes guitars - like our Black Ice Series - so popular with working guitarists.

It's All in the Details

RainSong WS Black Ice carbon fiber acoustic guitar abalone details

All of these new features are sure to please longtime Black Ice players and RainSong fans. But don't worry, we haven't abandoned the details and appointments that have always made our guitars special. A perfect example is how we further enhance the aesthetics with a deep-blue Abalone rosette and our trademark abalone shark fingerboard inlays. This intricate detailing adds a touch of luxury and makes our guitars showpieces. You'll also love the sweeping lines and upper fret access of the WS, OM, and PA's Venetian cutaway.

The New Black Ice Series: The Return of a RainSong Icon

RainSong WS Black Ice 12-string carbon fiber acoustic guitar

The RainSong Black Ice Series is a testament to always providing our customers (family) the guitars they want while pushing acoustic guitar design, innovation, and artistry. The Black Ice's distinctive carbon fiber weave soundboards are still the bedrock of the line. But the new Black Burst finish with Carbon Reveal pinstriping and satin necks take these guitars to the next level. And, coming in at a new lower price, these instruments are the obvious choice for players seeking exceptional tone, unmatched durability, and striking one-of-a-kind visual appeal.

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