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New for 2023: Welcome To Our New & Improved Concert Series Guitars

Our 2023 has seen a lot of new acoustic guitars. From the Limited Edition Series to exclusive offers and one-offs, we’ve definitely been busy. But none of those releases comes close to how excited we are for this drop. Instead of a new guitar, we’re releasing an entirely updated series!

Introducing the new and improved RainSong Concert Series.

In honor of the new arrivals, we want to take a look back at the Concert Series. We’ll discuss what makes it special and, most importantly, unveil the new improvements.

The Original Concert Series Acoustics

The Concert Series has long been one of our best sellers. That doesn’t surprise us at all. They are the most nuanced-sounding guitars we make. When designing them, we wanted guitars with the piano-like tone of our other carbon fiber acoustics but with greater detail and touch response. Think of the difference between a cedar guitar top and a Sitka spruce soundboard, and you’re in the ballpark.

Thanks to unidirectional carbon fiber, we succeeded. We optimized string energy transfer throughout the entire guitar by utilizing carbon fiber with a uniform ‘grain’ pattern for the soundboards. The guitars come alive in your hands with a mellower, warmer tone. It wasn’t our goal, but many customers claim the Concert Series sounds a lot like a standard wooden guitar.

The series didn’t take long to make a name for itself in the carbon fiber acoustic community. It even inspired Al Petteway’s - fingerstyle guitarist extraordinaire - signature RainSong, the APSE.


But the Concert Series did have one drawback. Compared to our Black Ice, Nashville, and Vintage Series instruments, it looked a bit boring. It was time to give the Concert Series a facelift.

New, Improved Acoustic Guitars That Are Exactly The Same

The best thing about our new RainSong Concert Series carbon fiber acoustic guitars is that they are the same incredible instruments they’ve always been. We haven’t changed their construction at all. They’re still 100% carbon fiber. They still boast great-sounding unidirectional tops. And they’re a beautiful example of American craftsmanship. These ones just look a whole lot better!

Featuring our new Black Burst finish with pinstriping detail, these guitars stand proudly next to every other RainSong that leaves our benches. We also adopted a satin finish for the back of the neck to improve the feel and playability, especially in humid situations where our guitars shine.

Oh, and did we mention that we’ve lowered the price of every new RainSong Concert by $500? I’m pretty sure we did. You read that right. No matter which body shape you choose, you’re getting the same great guitar, rock-solid reliability, with gorgeous aesthetics for a new lower price.

A New American Original

We’re kind of used to breaking new ground in acoustic guitar design. As the first guitar makers using carbon fiber, founded in Maui, Hawaii, we’re proud to call ourselves innovative and an American original. But sometimes innovation is less scientific than pioneering the use of space-age materials. Sometimes it’s just making a great thing even better. That is the new Concert Series; The same guitars, still made in the United States, made better and more affordable than ever.

And, of course, they're still available with free shipping anywhere in the continental United States.


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