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The Limited Edition Series and the launch of WS Black Ice LE1

RainSong has offered plenty of limited-edition acoustic guitars before. One-offs, small runs, special editions, you name it. But our new Limited Edition Series is something different, and it's on sale!

This is your chance to experience our Custom Shop team's finest work while owning a beautiful piece of RainSong Guitars' history. Whether you're a performing guitarist, a collector of fine, rare instruments, or simply a RainSong die-hard, these carbon-fiber acoustic guitars are for you.

Here's How It Works

The series consists of single models, released one after the other, numbered in sequence, and available for a limited yet undetermined amount of time. Once we announce the next guitar in the series, the previous one disappears from our production line. Each will uniquely blend our most popular body shapes, series, and custom options. In the past, these have included breathtaking graphics etched into the carbon fiber, beautiful finishes, unique materials, and more. Everything is on the table.

An undetermined amount of time?

Yes. Each model is only available for such a limited time because new models are always in the works. We need to make room for them. So, while we're incredibly proud of each model, we're already on to the next one and can't wait to see what you think.

Not only that, but we're keeping all of the specifications and information about the upcoming models under wraps. The reason is simple. We don't know. We don't know when the next one will be ready. We don't know the specs. We don't even know what it's going to be!

The Limited Edition Series is our craftspeople's chance to create the RainSong acoustic guitars of their dreams, and we want them to have fun with it. We want the series to give them complete creative freedom, show off what they're capable of, and give us a look at what all of you love and don't.

Without Further Ado: WS Black Ice Limited Edition #1 (LE1)

We are thrilled to introduce you to Limited Edition #1 (LE1): The WS Black Ice LE1, in our custom Blue Burst finish. The first in an already limited and rare series, LE1 is sure to be one of the most collectible RainSong guitars in our history.

We launched the series with a Black Ice for a few reasons. The first is that Black Ice guitars are many of your favorites for a good reason. The carbon fiber weave soundboards are a sight to behold. They draw as much attention onstage as sitting on your knee at home. That weave pattern is also handmade and unique to every single guitar in the series, another one-of-a-kind characteristic of LE1. And because each carbon fiber section is applied individually, each Black Ice acoustic guitar boasts a slightly different take on our piano-like carbon fiber tonal signature.

We also wanted the LE1 to appeal to a wide range of guitarists. That's why we went with the WS body shape. Similar to a grand auditorium, the WS blends the best of compact and larger-bodied designs. You get a powerful low-end for added warmth, plenty of detailed treble, and an assertive midrange, making it the most versatile-sounding guitar we make. On top of that, the WS's narrower waist and Venitian cutaway create a comfortable playing experience for any person's body type, and it's perfect for slinging over your shoulder onstage.

RainSong acoustic guitar LE!

What sets the LE1 apart is its stunning, custom Blue Burst finish. Never before available at RainSong, its misty blue hues give way to darkened edges in a way that frames the top's Black Ice soundboard like a precious painting. The burst is also expertly applied to the face or the headstock. Flipping the guitar over, we've kept the blue finish pure to display the carbon fiber's attractive weave throughout the sides, back, and neck.

Finally, we outfit each LE1 with a natural-sounding and stage-ready LR Baggs Stage Pro Element pickup and preamp system and our comfortable N2 neck profile. These features combine to enhance your tone, comfort, and musical experience every time you plug in.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

RainSong carbon fiber acoustic guitar

We are incredibly excited to finally introduce you to the WS Black Ice LE1 and the rest of the upcoming Limited Edition Series. It's the perfect way to push our creative side while offering you rare, collectible, custom pieces at standard production prices.

But the urgency is very real! LE1 is available right now and on sale at massive savings. But once LE2 is ready to go, LE1 will be gone forever. So whether LE1 is your dream guitar or you've got your eye on whatever is around the corner, don't wait. Take advantage of this opportunity right away.

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