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RainSong is Closing Our Doors

RainSong Guitars has made the difficult decision to say goodbye.

Our owner is retiring, and we will be closing our doors permanently in the coming months.

After decades of innovating, building carbon fiber acoustic guitars, and having such incredible and loyal customers, this is a difficult next step. But with so many fantastic acoustic guitar builders today, we leave the industry in great hands. It has been our honor to play a small role in the history of the instrument and to have connected with so many of you through the years. Thank you to every single one of you who has purchased and played a RainSong guitar. It’s been our pleasure to have you as part of the RainSong family all these years.

The good news is that it means fantastic discounts! Beginning immediately, we are selling all of our current inventory and other assets. We are also completing the guitars already in process, adding them to inventory as they are available. All sale items will appear on our website, so check back frequently for availability and pricing.

Here’s to what lies ahead!


Moving Forward & Remaining Inventory

Our final guitars will be of the same premium quality and craftsmanship as every RainSong before, but once inventory is gone, no new guitars will be made. We remain committed to giving you the customer service that you deserve throughout our final days. There will, however, be some necessary policy changes, as we’ve laid out below.

If you have an interest in other assets or bulk purchases, please email

Please note the following policy changes:

  • All sales are final

  • Only in-stock items available for purchase

  • No backorders accepted

  • Prices subject to change without notice

  • Warranty/Return policies are suspended indefinitely

  • No custom orders accepted



Q: When are you closing?

A: Dependent on remaining inventory.

Q: How long will products continue to be available?

A: All guitars are permanently discontinued, with only current stock available for purchase.

Q: Will your guitars be discounted?

A: Some or all guitars may be discounted as we sell through our inventory. Price changes will appear on the website and can change without notice.

Q: Are you selling your shop tools?

A: Yes. Please email for information.

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