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The RainSong LE2: Limited Edition Sound and Style

Updated: Sep 6

RainSong LE2 carbon fiber acoustic guitar up close

Welcome to RainSong's newest acoustic guitar marriage of timeless aesthetics and cutting-edge innovation. Introducing RainSong LE2, the second release in our exclusive Limited Edition Series. In this blog, we will take you on a personal exploration of the custom features and unique qualities of LE2 and show you why it's a new carbon fiber masterpiece that will become a favorite of players and collectors alike.

A Work of Art With a Vintage Acoustic Guitar Vibe

LE2 is one of our finest blends of vintage-approved looks, modern appointments, and innovative technology. The moment you look at this acoustic-electric guitar - LE2 features an LR Baggs Stagepro Element pickup system - you’ll notice the genuine spruce adorning the guitar top.

RainSong LE2 carbon fiber acoustic guitar tilted forward

We'll get into how we do this in a minute, but the spruce is essential in giving LE2 its classic, stage-ready appearance. You'll also notice our new, 3-tone custom Satin Burst Finish on the soundboard with clear satin hugging the rest of the instrument. Finally, we added custom pinstriping that completes the entire vision.

RainSong LE2 and Soundboard Fusion Technology

If you're familiar with RainSong's Nashville and Vintage Series, you may have heard about LE2's proprietary Soundboard Fusion Technology (SFT). It's the process we use to fuse a genuine spruce top with carbon fiber to create an acoustic guitar soundboard with all the benefits of both. Together, the materials resonate with exceptional clarity and tonal richness, warmed slightly by the spruce. And it, of course, gives the guitars a traditional look that's right at home wherever you play it. SFT is just one more testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in acoustic guitar craftsmanship.

Acoustic Guitar Neck Profiles Tailored to My Playing Style

RainSong neck profile options

The RainSong LE2 doesn't stop at its stunning appearance and exceptional sound. It also offers free neck profile customization options to match your playing style. Choose between the vintage, full-feel of our truss rod-equipped N2 neck profile that lets you specify your preferred neck relief or the no-nonsense, slim, and fast-feeling N1 profile. Its relief is set from the factory and never requires a neck adjustment. Best of all, you can have either free of charge. This ensures that every LE2 offers a personalized playing experience for every guitarist.

The Comfort and Speed of a Satin-finished Neck

RainSong LE2 carbon fiber acoustic guitar back and neck in satin finish

Speaking of acoustic guitar necks, we wrapped LE2's neck in the same satin finish as the rest of the guitar. While gloss finishes look terrific, gloss necks can become sticky and difficult to navigate on a sweaty outdoor gig. Satin necks solve this problem, allowing your hand to glide from the lowest frets to the highest, unencumbered by moisture buildup. That's what you can expect with LE2; a neck feels perfectly broken-in right from the factory for a fun, comfortable, easy-playing experience.

A Limited Edition Masterpiece

As the name suggests, the LE2 is part of RainSong's Limited Edition Series, and it's a model you really shouldn't miss. Every guitar in the series is released one at a time and is only available until the next model in the series is released. The release schedule is shrouded in mystery, even from ourselves. So, if you're considering adding the LE2 to your collection, don't wait too long – this is a rare opportunity to own a truly exclusive instrument.

Key Features in a Glance

  • Carbon fiber construction for durability and a piano-like tone

  • SFT top fuses spruce with carbon fiber for all of the benefits of both

  • Custom Satin Burst finished top with clear satin across the rest of the instrument

  • Custom pinstriping detail

  • The satin-finished neck offers a fast, comfortable playing experience

  • Equipped with an LR Baggs Stagepro Element pickup system

  • Venetian cutaway for easy access to higher frets

  • The choice between N2 or N1 neck profiles for a personalized feel

  • 14-fret construction and a 25.4" scale length

  • Comfortable 1.75" nut width

  • Dimensions: 11.5 "/15.75"/9.25"/5"/19.5" (Upper Bout/Lower Bout/Waist/Depth/Length)

  • It comes with a hardshell case to protect your investment

RainSong's Limited Edition #2

RainSong LE2 carbon fiber acoustic-electric guitar

LE2 isn't just a RainSong acoustic guitar; it's a subtle pairing of tradition, innovation, and art. Whether you're a performer looking for an acoustic-electric guitar that can keep up with the demands of the road or a collector looking for a unique addition to your arsenal, it has something special to offer. But, with its limited availability, you can't wait on it. Head to the guitar's page today and experience the latest in our Limited Edition Series for yourself.

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