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Understanding RainSong Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitars Body Styles

RainSong Acoustic Guitar Body Styles

RainSong acoustics are among the best carbon fiber guitars on the market and have been for a long time. We invented the whole concept, after all. By taking the time-tested elements of traditional guitars and marrying them with innovative designs and new materials, they avoid the biggest problems with wooden guitars. Instead, these high quality musical instruments are impervious to temperature changes and environmental factors while always delivering a rich sound.

But you already knew that.

You might not know why, with such a focus on evolution, our five guitar body styles are about as classic as you can get. There are two reasons. One is that these iconic guitar shapes work. They always have, and they always will. The second depends on the body style, which we will address here.

The 5 RainSong Guitars Body Styles

The WS (grand auditorium)

The RainSong WS is very similar in size to many of the most popular grand auditorium wooden guitar body styles. Because of this, it is far and away the most versatile guitar in our line. The WS's depth and mid-sized feel strike a beautiful balance of full, complex tone and ergonomic comfort.

Acoustically, you can expect a warm low end, balanced mids, and the trademark piano-like qualities of the carbon fiber soundboard. Plugging the guitar in delivers much of that same character to your live performances - thanks to our acoustic-electric guitar models' onboard LR Baggs electronics. Now add the comfort of our vintage-inspired N2 carbon fiber neck profile* and the body's narrower waist, and you understand why the WS is many RainSong players' choice.

*Also available in 12-fret construction with the NS neck.

The OM (concert)

Our OM body is a unique design but takes its inspiration from the concert acoustic guitar body shape. And like all great concerts, it is a fingerstyle guitarist's dream. Though the OM features a shorter body length, it is a full-size acoustic with a resonant tone that remains balanced across the frequency spectrum. This enhances string-to-string clarity while helping each note of every chord shine through.

While all of our OMs share these traits, it is best demonstrated by award-winning fingerstyle player Al Petteway's signature model, the APSE (Al Petteway Special Edition). For its unidirectional carbon fiber soundboard, Petteway opted for a Concert Series OM (no relation to the body style). He also chose the NS neck with its vintage-approved 12-fret construction. Together, these give his OM the warmth and clarity he requires for his stunning chordal and melodic work.

The JM (jumbo)

If the OM is about nuance and elegance, our jumbo-style JM body is a rhythm guitar icon about power and great tone. It's easily the loudest acoustic guitar in our line. Many even consider it the most powerful acoustic guitar in the world. That's 100% thanks to RainSong's carbon fiber construction.

All great jumbo acoustic guitars are known for their big lows and sonic punch. However, pushing those frequencies takes a lot of energy, and a traditional wooden guitar is only capable of so much. On the other hand, carbon fiber is stronger and can resonate with much more energy. This is one of the main reasons for the JM's overall tone, defined with a pillowy bass, a clear top, and volume to spare.

Guitar Gallery beautifully demonstrates the power and tone of the Black Ice JM Baritone.

The DR (dreadnought)

Since it first hit the scene decades ago, the dreadnought has remained the most recognizable acoustic guitar body shape. With its sloping contours, powerful sound, and acoustic properties, the instrument earned so many fans that the guitar world commonly refers to it as "the old workhorse." Today, our DR body style builds on that legacy.

Like traditional dreadnoughts, the DR is ready for anything you throw at it. From hard rock strumming to bluegrass flatpicking, its combination of punchy low end and ringing treble make each note count. It can even hold its own when quietly fingerpicked at home. And our vintage-approved N2 neck profile only adds to the DR's old-school vibe.

Tip: Check out our Nashville and Vintage Series DRs for our most 'classic' dreadnought experience.

The PA (parlor)

Small-bodied acoustic guitars, like those sporting our PA body style, are experiencing a surge in popularity in recent years. That's for a great reason! Their compact dimensions make them ideal travel guitars, and they're fantastic for smaller size hands and children getting their start on the instrument.

More importantly, parlors deliver a unique tone that belongs in every guitarist's arsenal. We describe it as articulate with a dominant midrange character. Perfect for roots-style strumming, vocal accompaniment, or capturing acoustic blues honk in the studio, it's easy to see why parlor-style guitars are so popular. Our PA's carbon fiber delivers the same character but adds harmonic complexity and a bit more warmth.

Sometimes tradition is best

We will always push the envelope of carbon fiber instrument design. Innovation is what birthed our entire company and drives it forward every day. But we will also always honor tradition and know when to leave a great idea well enough alone. That's what you see with all five of our RainSong body styles.

From the assertive power of our JM to the conveniently compact PA, each one serves a similar musical role to those of traditional acoustic guitars. And they're all available in all four of our product series with countless free and affordable options: Offset soundhole, anyone? No doubt there's one that's perfect for your playing style. But it all comes down to your personal choice. We hope this article helps you decide which one it is.

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