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Why RainSong Guitars Are For Everyone

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

With a quick look at Google searches for RainSong, one of the most asked questions is, "What are the best carbon fiber guitars?" Immediately following that question is, "Where can I find RainSong guitars for sale?"

We guess they answered their first question.

Why are these two search queries so popular? It's because carbon fiber acoustic guitars are perfect instruments for every player. And we aim to prove it to you.

Here we'll investigate every aspect of the guitars, including their uses, tone, what makes them different, and what makes them - we think - the best.

Table Of Contents

  • Are Carbon Fiber Guitars Any Good?

  • The RainSong Story

  • Plenty Of Options To Fit Your Music

  • RainSong Shapes

  • JM

  • DR

  • WS

  • PA

  • OM

  • RainSong Series

  • Black Ice

  • Concert

  • Nashville

  • Vintage

  • Specials, Limited Editions, And Artist Models

  • 12 String acoustic guitars

  • Nylon String acoustic guitars

  • Baritone acoustic guitars

  • 25YR Anniversary Model

  • APSE Al Petteway Signature

  • The RainSong Custom Shop

  • Premium Acoustic Guitar Pickups

  • So, who are RainSong guitars for?


Are Carbon Fiber Guitars Any Good?

First, we need to answer this other popular search query.

The answer is yes. Definitely.

That's true more now than ever. We've learned a lot since we first pioneered the technology to craft musical instruments out of carbon fiber. The early guitars were great, but they were a far cry from what we can do today. And our commitment to "The Future of Tradition" ensures our instruments continue to evolve and improve every day.

But our guitars don't only beat our older models. With their full and clear voices, beautiful appearances, unmatched reliability, and embrace of alternative materials, the physical properties of the carbon fiber also improve upon traditional wooden guitars in many ways. Will carbon fiber acoustic guitars ever fully replace wood guitars? Probably not. And we wouldn't want them to. But for players brave enough to give the future a shot, the rewards are inspiring.

Here are just a few of the players who agree with us.

Al Petteway - Grammy-winning guitarist and RainSong signature artist

Leo Kottke - Legendary fingerstyle acoustic guitarist

Steve Miller - Multi-platinum artist and guitar aficionado

Henry Kaiser - Free jazz master and Antarctic diver (he knows how durable our guitars are.)


The RainSong Story

Many of the world's best luthiers found their calling through history's greatest guitar makers. Whether handmade classicals, pre-war flattops, or the finest archtops, much of what we see now is an homage to what came before.

Dr. John Decker, RainSong's founder, has a very different story. Instead of years studying musical instruments, his background was in plasma physics, even working in physics for the US Air Force. This unique experience inspired him on one rainy day in Maui.

While attending an outdoor wedding, a rainstorm blew through, drenching the entire party. The Dr. watched as the wedding guitarist had to choose between the gig or protecting his beloved instrument. It was a problem Dr. Decker knew he could solve.

Carbon fiber was the solution. But can a material made of graphite offer the musical experiences and satisfaction of wooden acoustic guitars?

It absolutely can. And that's just a start.

Though tonal and visual preferences are subjective, players' reactions to strumming their first RainSong are near-universal. The guitars astound them with their warm and crystalline tone. They pause to admire the guitars' unique beauty. And they are stunned by how effortlessly the guitars play. Then, when the guitarists find out they'll never need a setup and can take the guitar from an outdoor gig in Death Valley to a Winterfest in Minnesota without worry, they're hooked.

That's carbon fiber!


Plenty Of Options To Fit Your Music

While we think carbon fiber acoustic guitars are for everyone, we know that guitarists come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and tones. That's why we offer a wide variety of acoustic guitar body styles, construction techniques, and even 14th fret and 12th fret neck shapes. From what we think is the loudest, best-sounding jumbo acoustic to the delicate detail of our OM body style, we ensure there's something for everyone.

RainSong Shapes

JM With its wide contours and depth, the JM is an experience to behold. It is perfect for rhythm playing and breathes with the huge, pillowy lows the style is known for. And its carbon fiber soul creates a strong projection that might make it the most powerful acoustic guitar in the world.

DR You can't go wrong with the DR. Tipping its hat to the iconic dreadnought body style, it is the quintessential, full-sounding workhorse. Whether you're strumming at a campfire or flat-picking bluegrass, the DR is a go-to choice that won't steer you wrong.

WS If you could only have one acoustic guitar, the WS is the one to get. Its slightly narrower waist, deep body, and Venetian cutaway create a balanced tone and comfortable contours. It's the perfect player's RainSong, especially when you're taking the stage.

PA The PA RainSong parlor acoustic guitar is so much fun! Its narrow dimensions and thinner body are unlike any other guitar. And they create an addictive, mid-forward tone that cuts through a mix. But don't worry. This parlor can easily fill a room as well.

OM If you're after detail and balance, you want the OM. Smaller than a WS but larger than the PA, the OM (orchestra model) is an intimate guitar with a beautiful, even voice. The most detailed-sounding of all our body styles, the OM is a favorite of fingerstylists and singer/songwriters.


RainSong Series

Each of our body styles is also available in four different series. Featuring their own construction methods, looks, and tone, these series are a great place to start when searching for your first RainSong.

Black Ice When players think of RainSong, they think about the Black Ice Series. 100% carbon fiber, each guitar boasts a unique weave pattern that gives it its own show-stopping character. And this 1-of-a-kind character also extends to the guitar's voice, each instrument offering minor tonal differences. Every RainSong Black Ice acoustic guitar sounds warm and clear with an immediacy of presence. But yours is still the only one like it anywhere in the world.

Concert The Concert Series puts a twist on the carbon-fiber recipe. These guitars' unidirectional-carbon tops respond with a warmer, more nuanced, and delicate tone. Many players swear by this series and comment that unidirectional carbon sounds and responds a lot like spruce.

Nashville The classic burst finish is the first thing you'll notice about the Nashville Series. But below the finish rests a spruce/carbon-fiber hybrid top featuring our proprietary Soundboard Fusion Technology (SFT). By fusing genuine spruce to its carbon-fiber base, the Nashville Series offers the best of both worlds; the robustness of carbon fiber and the traditional aesthetics of wood.

Vintage The Vintage Series also features SFT tops with a thin spruce soundboard fused with carbon fiber. But the Vintage Series does it with a timeless, natural finish that remains the standard for all great acoustic guitars.


Specials, Limited Editions, & Artist Models

Do you already have your steel, 6-string taken care of? Maybe you're on the hunt for something to expand your tonal options? Then check out our Artist models, specials, and anniversary editions.

12 String acoustic guitars

One of the many benefits of our future-forward outlook is offering multiple variations of nearly every body style and series. 12-string guitars are one of our popular examples. When you match the design's full harmonic voice with the detail and power of our different body styles and series' carbon fiber, it's unlike anything you've heard. And, unlike most wooden 12-strings, carbon fiber's rigidity means you won't waste half a gig tuning your guitar.

Nylon String acoustic guitars

Like 12-string acoustic guitars, nylon-stringed guitars are famous for inconsistent tuning. Not ours. We offer several of our PA parlor acoustics in a nylon string configuration. They sound terrific, are rock-solid and reliable, and you can even get them with onboard electronics.

Baritone acoustic guitars

A popular addition to the RainSong Guitars line is our low-strung baritone. The flagship Black Ice JM Bari combines an extended scale length with its powerful-sounding jumbo body style. The result is an effortlessly playing instrument with plenty of sonic energy to project your lower tunings.

25YR Anniversary Model

The 25YR combines many of our most requested specifications into one jaw-dropping instrument. Initially created to celebrate our 25th anniversary, high demand keeps the model going strong. The 25YR Anniversary may be RainSong at our very best.

APSE Al Petteway Signature

The APSE is what happens when a Grammy-winning fingerstyle guitarist designs his very own RainSong.

If you haven't heard Al Petteway play, you need to. His folk-based approach brings the acoustic guitar to life. Of course, this level of talent requires the perfect instrument. According to Al, the APSE nailed it.

"I think this guitar has the perfect combination of features whether you are a professional performing guitarist or just someone who loves playing guitar. There is no better quality guitar available in this price range."

~Al Petteway~


The RainSong Custom Shop

Are you still not sure if there's a RainSong for you? Then the Custom Shop is the answer. Whether you want a specific electronics package or neck profile, we can do it. We offer a wide range of construction, material, finish, and electronic options. And many of them are at no extra charge.

Give your local dealer a call or head to the Custom Shop page and let us in on your vision.


Premium Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Speaking of electronics, we outfit our guitars with pickups by some of the most respected names in acoustic guitar amplification. LR Baggs and K&K Sound not only supply the systems but also engineered unique onboard preamps to accompany each one.

Many of the guitars come with these systems as standard equipment. But if you'd rather keep your RainSong pure acoustic, we can do that too.


So, who are RainSong guitars for? Everyone!

  • Everyone who wants a premium acoustic guitar that inspires them every time they pick it up

  • Gigging guitarists who prioritize reliability

  • The touring musician who never knows what the next night will bring

  • Guitarists who live in volatile climates and are sick of chasing the perfect humidity levels

  • Recording guitarists whose job relies on pristine tone and playability every single time

  • Outdoor adventurers whose guitars live in the back of their Overlanding or camping vehicles

  • Collectors that want to add a unique element to a stable of top-tier instruments

When you add all of these options to the stunning tone, gorgeous looks, and unbeatable reliability of a carbon fiber guitar, it's easy to see why we think there's a RainSong for everyone. We hope you agree.

If you have questions or comments about RainSong and/or our instruments, please reach out! We're looking forward to hearing from you.

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