Whether you prefer to push boundaries or think tradition is beautiful, you'll find what you're looking for in these four unique series of instruments.


Black Ice

Each Piece a Work of Art

When players picture a RainSong, they're often thinking about the Black Ice series. Not only are they breathtaking to view, but every soundboard is individually conceived with its own unique appearance and signature tone.


Built to the highest standards, these instruments embody 'The Future of Tradition." 



The Most Detailed-sounding RainSongs Ever

Every Concert Series guitar is equipped with a unidirectinal carbon top. While that sounds like science lab stuff - and it is - what results is the thinnest, lightest tops we make. Though still nearly indestructable, they sing with a nuance and responsiveness that must be experienced.


Limited & Special Editions

The State of Our Art 

When we want to celebrate our anniversary, honor a grammy-winning guitarist, or just see what we are capable of, these are the guitars we build. All RainSongs are premium instruments. But these are the best of the best.

Custom Shop

Like a Well-tailored Suit 

There is no limit to what we can create in the RainSong Custom Shop. But not every instrument needs to be a museum piece. That's why all of our guitars are available with a myriad of additional options, many at no extra cost.


12- & Nylon-String

Unmistakable Tones Without the Tuning Issues

Nearly every RainSong acoustic guitar style and series is available as a 12-string model. We even offer our beloved PA parlors in a nylon-string construction. While both are immaculate instruments on their own, what sets them apart is their rigid construction and immpecible tuning stability.

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