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12-strings, Signature Models, Classicals, and More

From the stunning 25YR Anniversary Special to the Al Petteway Special Edition, these guitars represent the finest in RainSong acoustic guitar production. 


25YR Anniversary Special

The 25YR acoustic guitar celebrates over 25 years of innovative guitar craftsmanship. RainSong’s crown jewel, it incorporates the finest features and the cutting-edge technology that we've developed over the last quarter-century.


Custom Shop

There is no limit to what we can create in the RainSong Custom Shop. But not every instrument needs to be a museum piece. That's why all of our guitars are available with a myriad of additional options, many at no extra cost.


PA Nylon String 

There's something elegant about the intimacy and detail of a nylon-string guitar. But when that classical character meets progressive design and rock-solid stability, the instrument becomes truly special. 

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