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We leave the Earth's most precious resource where it belongs, the forest.

Image by Vital Sinkevich

The Leader in Sustainable Materials

Today, sustainable materials are everywhere. From tightening importing restrictions to dwindling supplies of our most cherished tonewoods, guitar makers are now being forced to pivot. We call it playing catch up.

For decades, RainSong has been the leader in crafting top-shelf acoustic guitars from these materials, specifically carbon fiber. Not only does it offer uncounted benefits to the players who love them, but it frees us from playing a role in deforestation and other unethical harvesting practices that are just now coming to light. 


From our early years in Maui, Hawaii to our current home in Woodinville, WA, our environment is a major part of who we are. It always has and it always will.  That's why we're committed to producing the industry's best guitars while leaving the forest with the trees.

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