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The cutting-edge, RainSong instruments embody our commitment to perfecting the acoustic guitar through progressive design.


Pure Carbon Tone

Carbon fiber's damping is constant across the acoustic spectrum resulting in a full range of sound -- from a treble that rings with crystalline clarity to a bass that is warm without being muddy. And, because of Projection Tuned Layering's uniform stiffness, RainSongs sound impeccably balanced and very loud. 

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World-class Craftsmanship

Guitar building looks a lot different at RainSong. You won't find a wood chisel anywhere. What you will find are expert craftspeople dedicated to creating premium instruments that play and sound exquisite for a lifetime to come. 

Impervious to Weather & Humidity

The guitarist's ultimate combination of reliability and stunning beauty.


The inherent stability of carbon fiber makes our guitars impervious to environmental changes. That means you get a perfectly set up instrument every time and everywhere you pick it up.


Soundboard Fusion Technology (SFT)

SFT is our proprietary process of fusing a thin spruce soundboard and unidirectional, pre-impregnated carbon in a single molding step.  The resulting soundboard is a composite matrix that resonates as a single unit, like a solid wood soundboard.

These SFT soundboards maintain the stability of carbon fiber and sing with a rich, crystalline carbon sound subtly colored by spruce.

High-tech Bonding

We use the same technology in bonding our bridges and necks that are used in aircraft, rockets, and satellite equipment. Stronger than wood glue and off-the-shelf epoxy, these high-tech materials and techniques smoothly transfer energy from the string to the soundboard, resulting in greater sonic detail, a broader dynamic range, and a cleaner tone.


Performance Shape Casting

Through Performance Shape Casting™, a process invented by RainSong, we cast our necks and fretboards simultaneously as a single graphite matrix.

This ensures flawless intonation, no dead spots, no string buzz, and necks that will never twist, warp, bow, or adjustment.


*Some RainSong necks feature truss rods for setting your preferred neck relief.

Premium Electronics

The electronics accompanying our acoustic-electric guitars are an integral part of the RainSong experience. That's why we partner with the most respected names in acoustic instrument amplification to find the perfect pickups and preamps for our guitars. Whether you're rising above a full band or want every nuance of a fingerstyle performance to shine, our guitars will get you there.

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